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Parental Involvement in Summer Reading: Preparing Your Child for Fall Class Discussions

BY MrS. illene courtright,
Language specialist

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I Think My Child Might Have a Learning Difference… Now What?

At one time or another, many parents question whether or not their child may have a learning difference. In reality, all children learn differently, which essentially means that all children have learning differences. However, for many young students (anywhere from 4-10% of school children depending on the study), these differences may be significant enough to have an impact on their school experiences.

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It’s true -- We CAN help children develop self-control!

We can all think of times in our life when we must exhibit appropriate self-control. Self-control is defined as the ability to control one’s emotions and desires. Most young children lack the self-control needed to refrain from crying if they are sad, yelling and pushing when they are mad, or grabbing a toy they want. While these things are developmentally appropriate, we as adults must work together to help guide children in learning how to regulate these emotions and desires.

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Independence vs. Collaboration

As educators, we often talk about the importance of intentionally developing our students to be independent learners and independent thinkers. Even with the youngest preschool children, we focus daily on working to help them grow their abilities to be independent. But, is this focus on independence in direct opposition with one of the most important 21st-century skills – collaboration?

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Making the Most of Homework Time

Time! We either have too much or too little of it. When it comes to homework and studying, students run the gamut from spending far too little to spending far too much time on it. But what defines how much time they actually need to spend? Does more studying really make for better studying? I think not. 

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