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The Independence Difference

Writing Excellence

There is no comparison. Our proven writing curriculum produces exceptional writers and effective communicators.

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Wellness, Innovation & Learning

Our research-based CWIL™ supports the whole child and provides valuable resources for parents.

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Mastering STEM

Faculty trained in engineering lead an authentic and engaging STEM curriculum.

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Powerful Partnerships

Partnerships beyond our campus bring enriched opportunities for local and global learning experiences.

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Advancing Creativity

Creativity is nurtured, supported and celebrated - from music and art, to movie making and coding.

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Outcomes & Stories

The impressive outcomes of our students prove the value of an Independence education.

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Setting the Standard


Faculty members trained in Project-Based Learning


Field trips per year schoolwide that connect curriculum to the world


Community service hours completed by grades 6-8 during the 2018-19 school year


FIRST LEGO League and LEGO League Jr. teams


Acres on our beautiful, expansive campus with fields, streams and woods


Middle school students in a performing music group or ensemble


Scholarship money awarded to Independence's Class of 2019


Chess tournament trophies during 2018-19 school year


Consecutive-match unbeaten streak for tennis, dating back to 2011

Learning to Learn

We guide students in how to be organized, confident, independent and well-prepared.

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Learning to Lead

Inspiring students to possess the confidence to lead sits at the heart of our mission.

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Nurturing Citizenship

We reinforce and reward good citizenship and the values of respect, responsibility and integrity.

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Inside Independence

What Engineers Can Teach Us about Learning: It Starts with Wonder

Engineers have long utilized a design process that involves a series of steps to come up with a solution to a problem. As in any field, the first try may not always be the best. In fact, their design process is iterative, meaning steps get repeated as many times as necessary to make improvements based on what was discovered through a failure. What a great analogy for learning - at any age, at any stage!

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What’s got you sick?

’Tis the season… for colds and the flu! Don’t you just love when you go to the doctor, he or she prescribes an antibiotic for you or your child - and BAM, you’re feeling better in 24 hours? What about when that antibiotic doesn’t work? This can happen because of two reasons.

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