Inspire. Dream. Achieve.

Age 3 through 8th grade

Why Give?

Philanthropic support from our Independence Community is what allows the school to provide an exceptional educational experience with unique programs, top-notch faculty and innovative curriculum. This type of educational experience extends beyond the reach of our tuition rates.

Like other private schools and universities, Independence uses a financial model that relies on tuition and charitable donations to fund annual operating costs. This model allows families to help fund school operations on a tax-advantaged basis. Without the generosity of our parents, alumni, grandparents and community members, our students’ experiences would be dramatically different.


We believe in the concept of giving back, and it’s something we want to teach our kids. We donate our time and invest in causes we know are important – and Independence is one of them. We believe in the philosophy of the school, we want to see it grow and succeed, and we want to support it in whatever way we can.