The difference between a good education and an exceptional education is your unwavering support and involvement.

Thank you for considering to invest in the success of our Independence students!

My husband, Rob, and I have been members of the Independence family for more than six years when our older daughter started attending the school. In 2016, our younger daughter joined Independence. During that same time, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve as the school’s Director of Admission. At the start of the 2019-20 school year, I began serving as Director of Advancement and Enrollment Management.

Harra Family

I can truly say that this is an amazing place! Our daughters have been nurtured, challenged, comforted and encouraged from the moment they walked through the doors. They are growing into intellectually curious, confident, kind and respectful young ladies as a direct result of the educational experience that Independence provides.

Our faculty members truly care about the success of each and every student, and they strive to continue to advance and refine their teaching content and methods so that they inspire their students to be independent, entrepreneurial thinkers. Not only have my children flourished at Independence, but my husband and I have also become better parents through the wisdom and guidance of the faculty and school leadership. 

My family and I are truly grateful for everything The Independence School has given us over the last six years. We have been inspired to give both time and money to the school, as we recognize that the exceptional educational experience that we all know and love at Independence requires more than simply paying tuition; it also requires the support and engagement of the entire school community.

I know that many of you reading this letter feel similarly grateful for being part of the Independence community. I hope you will join me and my family in investing in the success of Independence by making a gift today.


Michele C. Harra
Director of Advancement and Enrollment Management


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