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Ongoing UD partnership provides 8th graders with immersive STEM experience

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with the University of Delaware, our eighth-grade students spent two days immersed in hands-on, STEM-related activities at the College of Health Sciences and College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Among the many highlights of the trip to UD, which took place on Feb. 25-26, our students participated in the "GoBabyGo!" program at the STAR Campus, adapting three toy cars for children with significant mobility issues. Within two hours, the eighth graders worked collaboratively with UD students to customize each of the vehicles to the needs of the specific child, including electrical components, steering mechanisms and appropriate seating.

Our students also visited the university's insectary, where they learned about entomology and had the chance to handle tarantulas and scorpions! A trip to the Human Performance Lab saw the eighth graders trying a number of physical tasks in the Athletic Research Laboratories. Additionally, a truly engaging presentation took place in the Interprofessional Education Simulation Lab, where actors work with health care education students to enhance their learning and to give them a more realistic training experience.

“The trip was a great opportunity to help others and to learn at the same time,” eighth grader Cole said. “My favorite part was the entomology lab, because they let us hold spiders and scorpions.”

Again, Independence leads the way in providing college experiences for middle school students, including time to interact with the UD students. Many thanks to Alyssa Benjamin, Pipeline/Affinity Program Coordinator, for coordinating the field trip.