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"Indy Insights," the official Independence blog: new post available (Dec. 4)

We are happy to announce the launch of "Indy Insights," the official Independence blog! On this page, you will find posts about a wide variety of timely and useful topics in education and parenting from our faculty, staff and administration. We encourage you to provide your thoughts and feedback or even ask questions in the comments area of each post. We'd love to have a discussion on whatever topics are relevant to you! Our latest blog, "What's got you sick?" by Mrs. Linza Godfrey, is now available. Please feel free to share with your friends!

A running list of blog titles, with author, follows:

What's got you sick? by Linza Godfrey, School Nurse

Effort? Interest? Perseverance? What’s all this talk about Grit? by Dr. Dahra Williams, Consulting Psychologist and Vita Biddle, LeApps™ Specialist

Summer Service Trip to Costa Rica Provides Students with New Adventures, Treasured Memories (Part 2 of 2), by Anna Casarino and Gabrielle Zaher, Independence Class of 2018

The Unexpected and Invaluable Benefits of Service Travel (Part 1 of 2), by Jessie Copeland, Middle School Science Teacher

Ready...Set...GO! by Vita Biddle, LeApps™ Specialist

Preventing the Summer Slide, by Vita Biddle, LeApps™ Specialist

Parental Involvement in Summer Reading: Preparing Your Child for Fall Class Discussions, by Illene Courtright, Language Specialist

I Think My Child Might Have a Learning Difference… Now What? by Vita Biddle, LeApps™ Specialist

It’s true -- We CAN help children develop self-control! by Barbara Scarpone and Donna Samuels, Kindergarten Teachers

Independence vs. Collaboration, by Vicky Yatzus, Head of School

Gaining Cultural Competency and Empathy through Local and Global Engagement, by Bernadette Gilmore, Director of Academics & Curriculum

Making the Most of Homework Time, by Vita Biddle, LeApps™ Specialist

Summertime... and the Learning is Easy... by Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, University of Delaware Professor and guest blogger

YouTube? In the classroom? by Sarah Gilmore, Fourth-Grade Teacher

Silly Songs and Rhyme Alongs, by Bernadette Gilmore, Director of Academics & Curriculum

Back-to-School Jitters, by Dr. Dahra Williams, Consulting Psychologist

Afraid of Reading Shakespeare? Good! Go See it Instead, by Kevin McDonald, Middle School English Teacher

Learning to read is as easy as A, B, C... or is it? by Bernadette Gilmore, Director of Academics & Curriculum

Things Take Time, by Lynn Fabian, Middle School English Teacher

The Importance of Play, by Lisa McMahon, Early Childhood II Teacher

Volunteer! It's Good for You... by Sandy August, Director of Development

A Simple Guide to Lyme Disease Prevention, by Denise Axe, School Nurse

Connecting with Strangers in a Digital World, by Jonas Raab, Technology Education Teacher

What a Difference 100 Days Can Make! by Christy Koense, Head of Lower School

Living in a Project-Based World, by Bernadette Gilmore, Director of Academics & Curriculum

Happy New Year, by Vicky Yatzus, Head of School

Reflections of a Report Card, by Vita Biddle, Fifth-Grade Teacher

Conference Considerations, by Vita Biddle, Fifth-Grade Teacher

"The Comfort Zone," by Vita Biddle, Fifth-Grade Teacher

As new topics are posted, we will add to this list.