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Eighth graders captivate audience on Capstone Night

A hallmark program, the eighth-grade Capstone Project represents the culmination of every critical aspect of an Independence education. Now in its seventh year, it is designed to encourage students to think critically and to practice skills that will be needed in high school, college and beyond: written and oral communication, public speaking, researching, media literacy, planning, pacing and organizing.

As part of this multifaceted, student-directed, long-term investigative project, each eighth grader researched a topic of particular interest to him or her, wrote a formal paper following Modern Language Association format, created a product or artifact that demonstrated gained knowledge, and delivered an oral presentation in English class utilizing digital resources. Many students also completed one to three hours of field work as part of the research process.

In addition to the classroom presentations, a dozen members of the Class of 2019 - as selected by their peers - presented their projects throughout three sessions in front of parents, faculty, administration and fellow students during the Capstone Event on April 8.

Furthermore, every student's project went on display in the rotunda and middle school wing, with the eighth graders available to answer questions and provide demonstrations. Following their experiences at the Capstone Event, the students will write a reflective essay.

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