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Age 3 through 8th grade

Clubs & Activities

At Independence, you will encounter an impressive diversity of options for getting involved and young people who are ready to try every one. Middle School especially is a time to explore new interests and meet new friends, and the exciting clubs and activities below provide the chance to do exactly that!


Moderators: Mr. Daniel Kitching '01 ( and Dr. Tae Sakamoto (

Drama Club at Independence provides students with opportunities to perform before a live audience, highlighted by the annual stage production in the 900-seat Gore Auditorium. Whether in front of or behind the curtain, students learn to work as a team, collaborate to achieve a common goal and develop a love and appreciation for the performing arts.


Moderator: Mrs. Bernadette Gilmore (

Indy Robotics teams participate each year in FIRST LEGO League. Small groups, normally about six students, work together on three major components. They build a robot and program it to complete a challenge. Further, they work together to solve real world problems in the project portion, and lastly, they build and demonstrate core values like teamwork, friendly competition and the importance of discovery. With guidance from parent coaches, Indy Robotics teams compete in official FIRST LEGO League tournaments.

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Every March, Independence sends eight students to the MathCounts State Competition, a full-day event containing a variety of problem-solving events. There’s an individual Sprint Round, a Team Round and a finalist “bee-style” Countdown Round. The Top-10 individual scores from the events in the morning compete that afternoon in the exciting Countdown Round, and the Top-Five finishers in the Countdown Round move on to the National MathCounts Competition in May.

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The purpose of the Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League is to cultivate an interest in mathematics through team competition. Independence offers Math League for students who enjoy competitive problem solving. Our school competes with four other schools in our region, and there are four regular meets, in addition to the State Invitational. Tryouts are held in October, and practices usually run on Mondays after school from 3-4 p.m.

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Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving activity where students work in groups composed of five to seven team members to solve one of five possible given problems. Team members use their own creative ideas to solve the problem and must brainstorm, research, plan and evaluate their solution before presenting it at competition. Solutions are presented as a short performance where the students have written scripts, constructed scenery and backdrops and created costumes. Teams work under the supervision of two adult volunteer coaches, but only the team members themselves may contribute to any part of the solution. Teams have the opportunity to compete at regional, state and international competitions.

The OM program runs from October through the end of March. Teams placing first or second at the state tournament are invited to the World Finals competition, a five-day event held in late May on the campus of Iowa State University or Michigan State University.

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Moderators: Ms. Tina Palmer ( and Mr. Tom Wayock (

Quiz Bowl is a competitive academic club, with members practicing approximately once a week as part of a team and studying on their own time. Top players represent Independence at local tournaments, which are usually held on Saturdays. Students choose a “major” and “minor” area of study. Majors include history, science/math, literature and REMPP (religion, economics, psychology, philosophy), while minors include geography, music and art. There is also a small amount of current events, sports and popular culture. The matches combine individual competition using a buzzer system, in addition to team collaboration on bonus questions. Participating in Quiz Bowl can reinforce classroom lessons while providing a competitive outlet for academically minded kids.

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Science Olympiad teams are composed of eight members per grade who audition for a spot by taking a test of science knowledge. The students on the team possess and project both a passion for science and math and a curiosity for solving problems. With teamwork existing as a major component of Science Olympiad, students must be able to work well collaboratively. There are annual competitions, and Independence is recognized as a strong contender at all levels of Science Olympiad events.

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Moderators: Mrs. Claire Brechter (, Mrs. Carol Bergner ( and Mrs. Michele Harra (

Independence Student Ambassadors are given the chance to live the mission of our school through leadership opportunities and volunteerism. Student Ambassadors will be called upon to participate in an official capacity at special events throughout the school year, such as Admission Open Houses, campus functions and new student events. Students must demonstrate a true desire to represent Independence, both within and outside our school community, at all times.

Student Ambassadors are an important link between Independence and interested families. In addition to their application, interested students must also request a recommendation form from one of their middle school teachers.


Moderators: Mrs. Tanya Godsey ( and Mr. Jonas Raab (

Rising seventh- and eighth-grade students may run for the Executive offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or Historian if they meet the eligibility requirements. The student body elects these officers in the spring in order to have them in place at the start of the next school year. Elections are also held in each homeroom (grades 5-8) in early fall for President, Vice-President and Secretary, and students so elected become homeroom representatives to the SGA. This is a social service organization; needs and ideas of the student body are addressed in homeroom and SGA meetings held during middle school recess time. The SGA sponsors dances, does acts of appreciation for various school personnel and fundraises for current needs of the community.


Moderator: Ms. Sarah Gilmore (

The Young Entrepreneurs Club meets once a week. Serving as an extension of the fourth-grade Economic and Entrepreneurial Education (E3) program, club members are challenged to identify unmet needs, search for solutions and ultimately make a business prototype. Guest speakers and mentors advise the students on components of financial literacy and business practices. Costs incurred by the students are underwritten by a group of kind donors.