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Extended Day

The Extended Day Program is available to any student enrolled at The Independence School. Extended DaySupervised care for students begins at 7 a.m. and concludes at 6 p.m. The program begins in late  August just before the start of the academic school year and ends in June. When school is closed for holidays or teacher in-service days, Extended Day is open to the children who have pre-registered for those days. Extended Day will only close for the observance of national holidays or in the event of severe weather.

Numerous indoor and outdoor activities are available, and the Extended Day staff and students make use of Independence's expansive 90-acre campus, playgrounds and the Funk Outdoor Classroom. Students are offered supervised, after-school study halls at different locations to ensure a quiet work environment.

The Director of Extended Day and the Extended Day Staff keep the children involved and happy, making Extended Day a true home away from home.

For more information and to register for an Extended Day plan, please click here or contact Jen Hayes, Auxiliary Program Manager, (302) 239-0330 ext. 4.

Special Programs

In addition to the standard Extended Day activities, Independence students can also enroll in a variety of special programs which may include Child Drama Workshops, Cornerstone Martial Arts Karate, Soccer Shots, Chess Club, MyServe Golf and Tennis, and Zumba. These offerings are generally provided at an additional cost. Please visit this page in the Parent Zone to learn more. Details are posted when programs are announced.