the independence school Signature Programs

There are many aspects of The Independence School that set us apart, especially the
Signature Programs at the heart of the Indy Experience.  

These research-based initiatives and learning opportunities underscore and support the exceptional outcomes for Independence students.

Explore the Signature Programs to learn how we deliver on our mission of inspiring learners and leaders.

Center for Wellness, Innovation, and Learning (CWIL)

CWIL™ uses a research-based approach to support the whole child and provides valuable resources for parents.

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Writing Excellence

There is no comparison. Our proven writing curriculum produces exceptional writers and effective communicators.

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Learning Applications (LeApps)

At Independence, we teach our students the skills that are key to academic success. We teach them to engage deeply and explore widely.

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor learning is much more than just going outside. Indy students benefit from 90-acres of educational possibilities.

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Mastering STEM

The Independence faculty, trained in teaching engineering, lead an authentic and engaging STEM curriculum.

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Leadership & Character Development

Independence has established the mission of developing students who possess an exceptional spirit for learning, leadership, and citizenship.

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