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Leadership & Character Development

At Independence, children master not only math, science, and English, but also conflict resolution and moral decision-making. They learn that when someone’s in need, you step forward, not stand by. They learn that they each have the ability - and the responsibility - to grow into strong leaders and good citizens.

Under the umbrella of the Leadership Curriculum are lessons and programs specific to character development. These expand as students grow, presenting many rich opportunities to experience roles of responsibility, such as Student Ambassadors, Student Government Association representatives, and as athletes and musicians.

In our Middle School Character Development Program, they explore ethical decision-making, our rights and responsibilities as citizens, and timely topics such as countering cyberbullying.

Just as important, in classrooms throughout the school and moments through the day, our students interact with caring educators who make it their mission to nurture growth in character and values. This happens through explicit instruction and also quiet, powerful example.

The kindergarteners look in awe at the middle school students who pass them in the halls. It doesn’t matter if it’s the class president or the backup point guard. The middle school students at a Pre-K-8 school are leaders, and they feel it in their bones. They have the confidence to thrive.

Kevin mcDonald
Middle School English Teacher