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Leadership Communication

Boy speaking

The ability to communicate effectively and clearly sits high on the list of important skills for any successful adult. Therefore, public speaking is considered a fundamental skill. Beginning in kindergarten, students will experience speaking and listening opportunities daily and will be successful with both.

In each grade, there are public speaking assignments so that students grow in poise, confidence, articulation and knowledge of material. Independence graduates will be able to present themselves, their thoughts and their work in various settings with various audiences, distinguishing between formal and informal discourse. As effective communicators, they will be aware of the verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and be able to accept and utilize constructive criticism. Lessons in etiquette and manners go along with the speaking skills to help students become leaders and positive change makers.

The types of presentations might include choral speaking, “About Me” stories, morning announcements, making introductions, persuasive speaking, tongue twisters, how-to talks and multimedia presentations. Students may present alone or in partnership with others.

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