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First Grade Explorers and the Magical "Big Ben"

Two boys are sitting in a tree and reading

First grade students in Mrs. Annable's class discovered a large horizontal tree while exploring the wetlands areas on our campus.  Named "Big Ben" by the students, this natural seating and climbing area has become a go-to spot for these young adventurers when weather permits.

Students often take their classwork outside to "Big Ben," including their daily edit and journal writing. Of course, they also take time to continue their exploration of the natural areas on our campus. Mrs. Annable, who is a faculty leader on our outdoor learning committee, shared a report of their experience... 

"We learned the word carcass today! That was not on the lesson plan," wrote Mrs. Annable, "But it happened! Kids discovered a rib cage, a pile of fur, and scattered deer limbs! Children worked together to avoid prickers, help each other cross the creek in shallow places, and build a dam. We saw many signs of spring and discovered INDY BEACH! Lots of sand. It is truly amazing and magical out there! My students could stay out there all day!"

These outdoor adventures are not only fun, but filled with learning, confidence-building, and collaboration.  

A collage of pictures of first graders outdoors

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