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Capstone Event Showcases the Class of 2022

Capstone Event Showcases the Class of 2022

A hallmark program, the eighth-grade Capstone Project represents the culmination of every critical aspect of an Independence education. The Capstone is designed to encourage students to think critically and practice skills including written and oral communication, public speaking, researching, media literacy, planning, and organizing, which are needed in high school, college, and beyond.

As part of this multifaceted, student-directed, long-term investigative project, each eighth grader researched a topic of particular interest to them, wrote a formal research paper adhering to Modern Language Association format, created a product or artifact that demonstrated gained knowledge, and delivered an oral presentation in English class utilizing digital resources. Many students also completed fieldwork as part of the research process. Each student will conclude their project by writing a reflective essay.

All of the Capstone projects were displayed during the Capstone Event evening on April 25. In addition, nine students selected by their peers presented their projects throughout three sessions in front of parents, faculty, and fellow students during the event. As they are each year, the topics were varied and interesting! Presented topics were:

  • The History and Techniques of Psychological Warfare
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Social Media Effects on Buying Habits
  • The Destructive Power of Nuclear Weapons
  • Artillery in the Invasion of Normandy
  • The Socioeconomic Impacts of Covid-19
  • Serial Killers: The Presdispositions to Murder
  • The Development of Video Games
  • The Black Sox Scandal

We commend our eighth graders for their diligent approach to the entire project!

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