Supporting the whole child

 The Center for Wellness, Innovation and Learning (CWILTM, pronounced "Quill") at The Independence School supports the needs of the whole child.

CWIL's team approach addresses not only academic progress but also motor, language, cognitive, emotional and physical development, as well as health. This allows Independence to provide a program that holds the full interests of the students at heart, both in and out of the classroom. 

Parent education, research and best practices form the foundation of the center's work. CWIL's mission is to ensure that Independence students truly develop into independent, intellectually curious individuals. 



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If you are a curious parent reading about elementary school-age education, you might be surprised to encounter the term “critical thinking” in online blogs or magazine articles. Critical thinking for young children? While critical thinking is often considered the domain of higher education or even secondary school, it turns out that the need to develop critical thinking skills in children at an early age is important to lifelong learning, academic confidence, and success.

Displays of Road to Reconstruction Maps

Regardless of social factors like geography, socio-economic background, or the type of school you attended as a child, almost each of us can relate to days in the classroom spent learning information until it was time to take “the test” on it.  But brain research is changing education and offering new alternatives to student assessments. 

Student Government Officers

Middle School is difficult, and no adult I have ever known has admitted to wanting to repeat it. I don’t mean the academics. I mean that feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin, hide under your bed, and wait for this awkward and terrifying stage of life to pass without anyone noticing you.  How can we make school more comfortable during these difficult transition years?

Why Is Outdoor Education So Important?

With the return to school following pandemic closures, we’ve seen articles and photos touting taking classes outdoors as one strategy to keep students and teachers healthy. But learning in a natural environment has many benefits beyond access to fresh air!