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Age 3 through 8th grade

Powerful Partnerships

“There are times when we can better achieve our mission by drawing on the knowledge of others.”
Victoria Yatzus, Head of School

Through partnerships, our curriculum and programs connect students with the world beyond our campus – locally and globally.

Working with Stroud Water Research Center allows students to be citizen scientists, monitoring the water on our campus and assessing environmental impacts to the watershed.

Collaborating with University of Delaware provides students opportunities to apply engineering and electronic skills to adapt vehicles for use by children with mobility issues.

Traveling to destinations such as Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic with Explorica helps students become empathetic, global citizens.

Creating with Nature Explore establishes a foundation for an impactful outdoor classroom.

Teaming with SafeStudents Online helps protect our children from a vast array of online threats.

Joining with the Beau Biden Foundation for training and review of school policies helps ensure student safety.

Engaging in an energy audit of our school facilities with Delaware’s Pathways to Green Schools provides hands-on STEM experience.

Partnering with the Newark Symphony Orchestra fosters our passion for the performing arts.

By partnering with Stroud (Water) Research Center, which does research in fresh water ecology, it gives children an opportunity to study the whole watershed. That’s where children really get to experience how the chemistry of the creek impacts what’s living in the creek and how what’s living in the creek affects the geography of the creek. And so it really breaks those arbitrary boundaries down that we see so many times within disciplines.

Rachel Wood, science educator











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