The kind of exceptional educational experience that we provide at Independence is only possible when our faculty, students and parents go above and beyond. We have a very strong community tradition of giving back at Independence, and we hope that you will consider sharing your time and talent with the Independence Parents’ Association (IPA) to enrich our students’ experiences.

The IPA’s creation occurred nearly 40 years ago to provide needed programs and services for the betterment of the school community. Over the years, the IPA has raised and donated thousands of dollars by organizing and carrying out fundraising and outreach activities, which have supported enhancements such as special field trips, guest speakers and programs enhancements. Members of the IPA foster a closer relationship among students, faculty, and staff to further strengthen the Independence education.

Through the IPA, Independence students have the option to order lunch from our partners outside of the school. Volunteers are always needed. We hope you will join us!


Your IPA dues provide the start-up funds for many IPA-sponsored events and programs, such as educational and cultural speakers, yearbooks and iPad carts. On an annual basis, the IPA collects dues from each Independence Family. 

The dues for the 2021-2022 school year are $25 per family. 

Your yearly IPA dues can be paid by clicking here. We truly appreciate you being part of the Independence Community. 



Pooja D'Souza

As a mother of two amazing boys, Rahul (Class of 2020) and Ajay (seventh grade), I have been a part of the Independence community for nine wonderful years. With each passing year, my husband, Rohan, and I have become increasingly blessed and grateful for such an outstanding group of teachers, parents and administrators who are positively shaping our children’s future.

The dedication shown by my children’s teachers inspired me to get involved right away. I started out volunteering as a homeroom parent, moved into the role of auction chair, and ultimately served as vice-president and then president of the IPA. I am excited that I have been given the opportunity to become an official member of Independence’s staff as Development Manager. In this role, I act as the main connection between the IPA and our school.

I personally invite you to become an involved parent. I can tell you that it is a most rewarding experience. Please consider volunteering for any of our many events and initiatives, such as lunch delivery, Family Bingo Night, Fall Fest, and FebFest.

Your involvement sends a valuable message to your child about how important it is to give back to our community. Thank you in advance for helping in any way you can and showing your children how highly you value their education.


President - Erin Coomes
Vice-President - Katie Grieco
Secretary - Leslie Ferenz
Treasurer - Trupti Patel
IPA Liaison - Pooja D'Souza
Faculty Liaison - Laura Fallon
Marketing - Jenn Burns and Anne Reed
Advancement Committee Liaison - Jen Farabaugh
EC Representative - Marianne Archbell
LS Representative - Anju Martin
MS Representative - Jenn Powell

If you have any questions regarding the various IPA events or how you can become involved, please reach out via pdsouza@indyde.org