My indy story

Watch as those who have experienced the value of an Independence education - parents, students and teachers - share their unique perspectives on the school in our "My Indy Story" video series.



Brooke recalls her experiences joining us in fifth grade from public school and how the outstanding academics, supportive teachers, and a robust variety of extracurricular activities have helped her grow both as a person and student.


Science educator Rachel explains the value of outdoor education and how partnerships, such as ours with Stroud Water Research Center, benefit Independence students in all grade levels.



Porter and Laurisa discuss the benefits of a Pre-K–8 school structure and share how Independence helped their two daughters, both recent alumnae, develop into confident young women.


Lisa explains how the values gained at Independence helped her three alumni children become who they are today and how the school community continues to make an impact on her family, years later.



Sohan, a 2014 Indy graduate, shares his story of how our school inspired him to want to become a doctor and the steps he’s taken to make that dream a reality.


Jenn explains how Independence’s culture of embracing motivated students helped each of her three daughters discover their passions and excel.



Independence art teacher Therese observes how our unique school atmosphere provides her own young children with opportunities to embrace a variety of activities while being helped to flourish as learners in whatever paths they choose.


Myoshi shares why Independence’s focused global perspective and commitment to STEM provide a strong fit for her daughters, who are interested in careers in science and math.



Jeff explains how caring Independence teachers reinforce a passion for learning and why making the investment in the early years of education is setting his young children up for a bright future.


Pooja shares how Independence teachers have helped each of her sons shine in his own way by guiding them to develop excellent character, learn independently and take responsibility.



Sissy shares the ways in which Independence opened up a different world to her two daughters, both alumnae, and helped them comfortably develop into leaders.