Learning to Learn

At Independence, we teach our students the skills that are key to academic success. We teach them to engage deeply and explore widely. Most important, we teach them that the work of learning is full of joy.

It’s true of a building or an education: The heights you reach depend on the foundation you lay. At Independence, we are committed to giving our students the foundational strengths they need to soar, both in and out of the classroom.

This means we focus on phonics, reading, grammar, writing and math fundamentals. It also means we take a thorough, intentional approach to teaching the skills of successful students: how to organize their time and materials, how to plan and carry out long-term projects, and how to read, study and test effectively.

  • Through our LeApps™ curriculum, each student discovers the best learning strategies to employ, organizational skills, how the brain develops and works, plus much more.
  • Project-based learning supports growth into independent learners as students figure out the information they’ll need, where to find it and how best to use it, without step-by-step guidance from a teacher.
  • Blended learning - combining online tools with in-person instruction - personalizes teaching to meet individual needs and provides an additional method of student engagement and independence.

Our investment in foundational skills pays returns for years. High school teachers can spot Independence graduates immediately, and our alumni now in college write back in thanks for the solid preparation they received.

There are certain skills we know to be particularly important for later success. More than at most schools, we focus very intentionally on building those skills.