Inspire. Dream. Achieve.

Age 3 through 8th grade

Learning to Learn

At The Independence School, we teach our students the skills that are key to academic success. We teach them to engage deeply and explore widely. Most important, we teach them that the work of learning is full of joy.

We don’t teach to the top, bottom or middle.

We teach to every child.

Journeys of Discovery

Some of the deepest learning experiences start with a simple challenge: build a bridge to carry a certain load, for instance. Meeting these simple challenges, however, takes sophisticated thinking.

First, you have to figure out the information you’ll need and where to find it. Then, you’ve got to turn your facts into something useful, without step-by-step guidance from a teacher.

This is the territory of project-based learning, and it’s one of the key ways that Independence students grow into independent learners.

A team of children may be asked to design an autonomous robot to complete a specified task. The insights they gain, however, go far beyond robotics. Students learn problem solving, teamwork and communication. They exercise ingenuity, resourcefulness and persistence — all key strengths for the years to come.

Building Blocks

It’s true of a building or an education: The heights you reach depend on the foundation you lay. At Independence, we are committed to giving our students the foundational strengths they need to soar, both in and out of the classroom.

This means we focus on phonics, reading, grammar, writing and math fundamentals. It also means we take a thorough, intentional approach to teaching the skills of the successful student: how to organize your time and materials, how to plan and carry out long-term projects, and how to read, study and test effectively.

Through our LeApps™ curriculum each student discovers the best learning strategies to employ, organizational skills, how the brain develops and works, plus much more.

Our investment in foundational skills pays returns for years. High school teachers can spot Independence graduates immediately, and our alumni now in college write back in thanks for the solid preparation they received.

“There are certain skills we know to be particularly important for later success. More than at most schools, we focus very intentionally on building those skills.”
Bernadette Gilmore, Director of Academics and Curriculum

“Our Learning Applications curriculum is phenomenally strong. Teachers in the high schools our graduates attend want to know our secret.”
Kerri Kacmarcik, Middle School Math Teacher


“We give our students a number of opportunities for collaborative, project-based learning with very little adult direction. It’s deeply engaging and a remarkable lesson in life skills.”
Cathy Bair, Librarian

“Everything starts with a growth mindset. If you believe you can turn your weaknesses into strengths, it turns out that you can.”
Valerie Rodeheaver, World Languages Teacher 


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