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Scholarships & Awards

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Endowed Programs & Special Initiatives

The Rod Hammett Endowed English Fund for Support of the Middle School English Program

Created through a pledge from an anonymous donor, in honor of a past Middle School English teacher, this gift recognizes the value and importance of a sound and flourishing English curricula for middle school students.

The Kearns Endowed Fund for Support of the Lower School English Program in honor of Grandchildren and Independence Alumni Emily Kearns, 2003, and Jake Kearns, 2007

Created by James F. Kearns, Sr., this commitment recognizes the importance of an early and strong foundation in English and language arts for the continuing success of our students and graduates in all fields of study.

The IPA Endowed Library Fund in Recognition of the Importance of the School Library to the Education of All Children

The Independence Parents’ Association created the Library Endowed Fund to recognize the importance of our library as vital to an Independence Education and to IPA as a partner in the educational process.

The Independence Auction Endowed Fund for Support of the Visual Arts Program

Auction 2008 committed its proceeds to an endowed fund for the visual arts. This fund recognizes the importance of the visual arts to all our students and entire school community.

Mental & Emotional Wellness Endowed Fund

This fund has been created by Independence families to enhance mental and emotional wellness for The Independence School community in solidarity with all who have suffered or are currently struggling with mental and emotional health. In recognition of the fact that mental and emotional wellness is a key component to a successful educational environment, the fund will be used to support, but will not be limited to, programming, materials, speakers, the work of CWIL as well as other social and emotional wellness initiatives.

WCKM Endowed Technology Fund

This fund has been created through anonymous donors for support and enhancement of advanced classroom teaching and learning technologies.

The Fasick Endowed Fund for Support of the Study Skills Program

Created by Betty and Ross Fasick with gratitude and honor to the Faculty and Administration of The Independence School, this gift recognizes the importance of the school-wide program begun by Mrs. Patricia Ireland in 1981 that is a hallmark of Independence’s student preparation for high school and college success.

The Perkins Planned Gift for Endowed Support of the Early Childhood Program in Honor of Their Grandchildren, Julia ’99, Nicole ’01, and Gordon ’04

This fund was created through a planned gift first formed in 1994 and finalized in 2007, by Charlotte and Lowell Perkins to support their philosophy that, “Quality early education is a necessary foundation for success in higher education and life.”

The Patricia A. Ireland Endowed Financial Aid Fund

This fund was established by the friends of Patti Ireland to honor her twenty-nine years of dedicated service to The Independence School and to provide for a program close to her heart – need-based tuition assistance for students to attend Independence.

The Class of 2009 Endowed Challenge Fund

This fund, donated by a family who wishes to be anonymous, was created to encourage participation and commitment by Independence friends and families in support of the school. This gift honors the graduating Class of 2009, of which their son is a member, and recognizes the spirit, excellence and future of the Class of 2009.

The Kathryn B. Knox, ACFRE, Fund for Professional Growth and Renewal

This fund was established by the friends of Kathy Knox, in honor of her retirement, to promote and support professional growth opportunities and experiences for faculty and staff.

The Catherine and Richard Julian Endowed Fund for Support of Applied Science Activities in Honor of Their Children, Richard Jr. ’93, Claire ’95, and Stephen ’00

This fund was created to support the practical and mechanical aspects of science through enhancements for grades four through eight, including field trips and experiences such as The Franklin Institute, the Kalmar Nyckel, Stream Watch and Science Olympiad.

The Amanda and Benjamin Johnson Endowed Fund for the Support of Instrumental Music

Established by Daniel P. and Suzanne Johnson and Farrell L. and Patricia Goble, parents and grandparents of Amanda '03 and Benjamin '11, this fund was created to honor the talents of our Instrumental Music Department. This recognizes the dedication of the music department to our children in the teaching of music and creating an appreciation of music and poised, competent performers.

The Patriotic Legacy Endowed Fund
for Support of The Patriotic Program and The Patriot’s Trail

Established through Pike Creek Animal Hospital and the McKersie Family, Dawn, Al and Brooke ’12, this fund supports American history curriculum enhancements from grades three through eight. Included are traditional activities as a vital part of Independence’s history and citizenship curriculum, e.g. the Third-Grade Patriotic Program, and the Delaware, Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Boston experiences.

The Mary and Francis Julian Endowed Fund for Support of Middle School Mathematics in Honor of Their Daughters, Amelia ’90, Christine ’91, and Lisa ’94

This endowment was established to recognize the importance and value of a strong and stimulating mathematics program for all students, especially young women, as fundamental to future success.

The Genevieve and Bill Gore Endowed Fund for Support of The Gore Family Auditorium

This endowment was established through a portion of Mrs. Genevieve Gore’s bequest; it will provide for maintenance and programming support of the Gore Family Auditorium.

The Jennifer M. Vrana Endowed Fund for Volunteer Support

This endowed fund was established in 2021 by an anonymous donor, in honor of Mrs. Jenny Vrana upon her retirement from The Independence School, to promote and support professional growth opportunities and experiences for volunteers. Jenny served as director of finance & operations, retiring after 14 years in the position. Prior to joining Independence as an employee, Jenny spent many years volunteering at the school as a member of the Board of Trustees (1996-2005), including board president, a co-chair of auction fundraisers and was president of the Independence Parents’ Association (1994-1995). She is the parent of two Patriot Club members, Rob ‘00 and Laura ‘03.