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Annual Fund Donor Roll

Whether you are a parent, alum, grandparent, parent of alum, faculty or staff member, student, or friend of Independence, thank you for supporting our Annual Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund directly impact every student in every grade and helps close the gap between what tuition covers and the true cost of our program. These donations help us turn imagination into action.

We are pleased to recognize those who have supported our Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Annual Fund as of January 9, 2024:

Mr. and Mrs. James Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Anshen
Ms. Nathalie Antonov ’01
Mr. and Mrs. S. Brooks Archbell
AstraZeneca Matching Gift Program
Ms. Neely K. Awtry
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bair
Drs. Mirko Bajlovic and Megan Cook Bajlovic
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Michael Barlow
Dr. Stacie Beck and Mr. Kenneth Libert
Mrs. Tracy Berryman Berger ’93 and Mr. Josh Berger
Mrs. Carol A. Bergner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berryman
Ms. Vitamarie Biddle
Mrs. Melissa Chandler Bilek
BlackRock Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Boone
Dr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Bottorff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brechter, Jr.
Bright Funds Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Brown III
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burris
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Burris
Mr. and Mrs. John Calloway
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Camoirano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cantera
Mr. and Mrs. Damian J. Carlson
Mr. Anthony Carrell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Caterson
Drs. Edward J. and Stephanie Caterson
Mrs. Marie T. Celano
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Colbert
Constellation through Charities Aid Foundation America
Hon. Nathan A. Cook and Mrs. Christine V. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Coomes
Mrs. Nancy Cordes
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Corso
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Costello
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Courtright
CyberGrants, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. DegliObizzi, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy T. Deleski
Mr. and Mrs. William Doroh
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dragotta
Mr. E. Bradford du Pont, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. duPont IV
Exelon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fairfield
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fallon
Dr. Harry Wang and Ms. Carrie Fang
Mrs. Kimberly Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ferenz
Fidelity Charitable
Mr. Frank Fiedler and Ms. Haiyan Weng
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Fincher
Drs. Mark R. Fiss and Marissa Schnelle
FMC Corporaton
Mrs. Bianca I. Fraser-Johnson and Mr. Michael J. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fullmer
Mrs. Ashley Quill Funk ’95 and Mr. Vance Funk
Mr. Brian F. Funk ’94 and Mrs. Andrea Funk
Ms. Sarah Gilmore ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Giordano
Dr. Airelle and Mr. Joseph A. Giordano
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Glick
Mr. and Mrs. Farrell L. Goble
Mrs. Julie R. Goldston
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Gouge
Ms. Amy Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gredell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greevy
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. James Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Grote
Mr. and Mrs. Gary X. Gu

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Handloff
Mrs. Rebecca C. Handloff
Ms. Brinton Harra ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Harra III
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Harvey III
Dr. Barbara Albani and Mr. Ryan Haydu
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayes
Carol and Michael Helmick
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hershner
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill
Mr. Shao-Tang Sun and Mrs. Jean-Hsien Ho
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hoeschel
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hohman
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Horsey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Horsey
Mr. Brad Hunsaker and Mrs. Margie Aliprandi
Mrs. Kelly Huxtable
Mr. Guohua Jing and Ms. Yu Yao
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Julian
Mr. Stephen Julian ’00 and Mrs. Colleen Dunleavy Julian
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kacmarcik, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ashok Karnik
Mrs. Cheryl Kazmierczak
Kerith Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Kessler
Mr. P. Flynn King ’92
Mrs. Peggy A. Kipp
Mrs. Mary Jane Kirby
Mrs. Grace G. Kirk
Dr. Kathryn Sepelyak Kirsch ’01 and Mr. Jonathan Kirsch
Mr. Daniel Kitching ’01 and Mrs. Hannah Pretz Kitching
Ms. Christine Koense
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kolodczak
Drs. Krzysztof Kowal and Wen Li
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kowalski
Mr. Jason Kramer and Mrs. Xinqiao Jia
Mr. Marc A. Kreider ’82 and Mrs. Valerie Kreider
Mr. David J. Kubacki and Dr. Grace Y. Kwon
Mrs. Mary Louise Kubacki
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Kunz III
Mr. Chin-Chen K. Kuo and Ms. Chiatzu Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. LaPenta
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lazar
Mrs. Marianne Lazorick
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Levin
Mr. Joseph Lombardi
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lorenzoni
Mrs. Laura Mackey
Mrs. Marie A. Maks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Manno
Mrs. Sue Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McDerby
Mr. Sean McDerby and Mrs. Hilary Olner
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nathan McDonald IV
Mrs. Heidi McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Barton McFoy
Dr. Travis McKay ’98 and Mrs. Amanda McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McKeown
Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon
Dr. Mary Ellen P. McNally
Mrs. Melanie Zinn Merritt ’97 and Mr. Nicholas Merritt
Mrs. Margaret Ann Minihan
Mr. Jay Downing and Mrs. Robin Moody
Mrs. Christine Julian Moritz ’91 and Mr. Garrett Moritz
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Morse
Ms. Rebecca L. Moylan ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mullin
Dr. and Mrs. David Nagurney
Mr. Michael J. Nally
Mr. Edgar H. Narmore and Mrs. Susan Flick-Narmore
National Philanthropic Trust
Dr. Joan and Mr. Dave Neikirk
Ms. Tanya Nelson

Nor' Easter Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orzel
Drs. Munish and Anjala Pahwa
Ms. Tina Palmer and Mr. Charles Perkins
Mr. Brian Pan ’19
Drs. Mia A. Papas ’86 and J. Morel Symons
Mr. Jun Young Park and Mrs. Eun Kyung Cho
Mr. and Mrs. Shodhan Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Persoleo
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Petterson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Piccirilli, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piccirilli
Mr. James Pizzutto and Ms. Janis Julian Pizzutto
Mrs. Joanne M. Pohlen
Drs. Nathan and Elizabeth Poleck
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Pombo
Dr. and Mrs. John Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Principe, Jr.
Drs. Shaoming Qu and Siyan Wang
Mrs. JoAnn N. Quill
Ms. Jennifer Radke and Ms. Jean Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Radke
Drs. Wolfgang Radtke and Maria Elena Rodriguez Reyna
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rispoli
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Robinson
Mrs. Jessica Rodriguez
Mr. John Duffy and Mrs. Margarita Rodriguez-Duffy
Mr. Christopher Ross ’86 and Mrs. Melissa Haldas Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Rybicki
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Samuels
Dr. and Mrs. James N. Scarborough
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Scarpone
Mrs. Rachelle Schindler
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Schneider
Schwab Charitable
Mrs. Mary Hylda Schwarz
Mrs. Donna Kirk Sentman ’80 and Mr. David Sentman
Mr. Paul M. Shearer
Mr. Zhangxin Shen and Ms. Shu Dong
Mr. Howard Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Slaton
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Slaton
Mrs. Lisa Julian Spear ’94 and Mr. Mark Spear
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stepek
Ms. Lisa J. Stone
Mr. Jason Styons ’01
Dr. Jiancheng Su and Mrs. Ying He
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Suh
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Talley
Ms. Kylie Tarburton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Taylor
The Happy Difference Foundation
Mr. Christopher Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Thomas
United Way of Central Indiana
United Way of Delaware
Mrs. Joan M. Valentine
Ms. Kathleen M. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walsh
Ms. Kerith Wang '08
Dr. Sean Wang and Ms. Monica Ho
Ms. Ann M. Waring and Dr. Harry R. Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Warnke
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Whitaker III
Dr. Christine Whitcraft ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wilke
Dr. Dahra and Mr. Bill Williams
Dr. Freeman and Dr. Susan Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Winchester
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Woland
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Wolhar
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Womer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Wuerstle
Mrs. Amelia Julian Wyant ’90 and Mr. Jack Wyant
Mr. Ping Xu and Ms. Boon Huei Loh
Mr. Haibing Zhang and Ms. Yun Shen

To make a gift to the Annual Fund, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please email Julie Goldston