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Wellness, Innovation and Learning

Research-Based Innovation & Parent Education

Established in 2016, The Center for Wellness, Innovation and Learning (CWILTM, pronounced "quill") at The Independence School supports the needs of the whole child.

CWIL’s team approach addresses not only academic progress but also motor, language, cognitive, emotional and physical development, as well as health. This allows Independence to provide a program that holds the full interests of the students at heart, both in and out of the classroom. Parent education, research, and evidence-based practices form the foundation of the center’s work. CWIL’s mission is to ensure that Independence students truly develop into independent, intellectually curious individuals.

Connecting research in mind, brain and education science to classroom practices is our goal, whether we are considering curriculum changes, teaching approaches, or even classroom furniture!

Indy Insights

students on dock on campus

What we knew before the pandemic was that young people were struggling with mental health issues, particularly anxiety and/or depression. This was a national challenge as rates of depression and anxiety were on the increase, however there was a lack of resources (psychologists, guidance counselors, etc.) to meet this need. Read more for how fostering independence can ease children's anxiety.

Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

This time of the year schools invite parents into the building or connect virtually for what is most commonly known as the “Parent-Teacher” conference. While the very thought of sitting with your child’s teacher can bring about anxious feelings, a positive partnership between school and home is essential to a student’s success. Here are a few tips for making the most of your meeting.


When parents consider school options, a typical Google search will yield results with schools showcasing strong academics, outstanding teachers, and impressive facilities. Often absent from the list is something that we at The Independence School consider to be just as important - a caring, connected, mission-focused community.