Ensuring a safe learning community for all

The Independence School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its students.  We are following and using all state-level guidelines and CDC guidance to inform our practices in order to responsibly reopen our campus to students.  
There are defined ways that we can maintain a healthy community – good hygiene habits, distancing from each other, wearing face coverings, and reducing the amount of cross contact between both students and adults.

Our detailed plans and protocols for a responsible reopening
are outlined below.



School Structure & Physical Organization


The 'Mini School' Approach

In order to reduce the amount of cross-contact between both students and adults we will be structuring as three 'mini schools' in the fall.
Each mini school will have a core faculty and we will reduce the number of teachers crossing between the different mini schools as much as possible. 


For students not returning to in-person instruction in the fall, we are offering the option of online learning for grades K-8. 

For a description of this program, please view the tab to the right.




Campus Reopening & Operation

Plans, Procedures and Protocols


Attendance and Illness

Teaching and Learning


Social Distancing & Face Coverings


Outdoor Learning and Play


Health & Safety


Arrival, Dismissal & Visitors


Reopening Plan FAQs