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COVID-19 Response Hub

All matters relating to our ongoing response to this pandemic can be found via the links below. We remain committed to clear lines of communication and an understanding that we are indeed all in this together. We are grateful to our wonderful community for their ongoing support as we navigate these waters and do our very best to provide an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for all our students. 

Our campus is open for in-person learning for all grade levels. Please scroll down to reach information about our protocols.

COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard


The Dashboard is updated weekly to keep our community up-to-date on the record of positive cases of COVID-19 on The Independence School campus.

Positive Cases by week represent instances of positive tests for COVID-19 where exposure to others on campus may have occurred and contact tracing was implemented. Total Cases is the cumulative total number of positive cases from the start of school in September. Staff are school employees not assigned to a particular school division.

This year has been the greatest reminder that the success and flourishment of our kids requires a deep collaboration between parents, schools and teachers. I have always known and appreciated the great teaching staff at Indy, but Covid-19 has reinforced the very important role that they play in shaping the daily welfare and structure of our kids. The school, knowing how necessary it was for the kids to continue interacting with their teachers and classmates, made a strong and hugely successful effort to safely accommodate students & families with in-person and virtual learning.
Mr. Sam Nyabiosi