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Independence places fourth overall in Science Olympiad

Congratulations to our Science Olympiad participants! Independence students were very successful at this year's tournament, including a first-place finish for Zaden and Diogo on Density Lab. Many students placed among the top 3 in their event and the team placed 4th overall in the statewide competition. 

Here are the results:

Agribio: 2nd place - Congratulations to Cailyn and Victoria!

Circuit Lab: 3rd place - Congratulations to Zaden and Lorenzo!

Density Lab: 1st place - Congratulations to Zaden and Diogo!

Dynamic Planet: 3rd place - Congratulations to Cailyn and Ronnie!

Experimental Design: 2nd place - Congratulations to Jai and Lorenzo!

Machines: 2nd place - Congratulations to Zaden and Doruk!

Meteorology: 2nd place - Congratulations to Aashritha and Ivy!

Mousetrap Vehicle: 2nd place - Congratulations to Lorenzo and Diogo!

Road Scholar: 3rd place - Congratulations to Daniel and Doruk!


Collage of Science Olympiad Winners