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Independence Named Chartered Partner of the Year by Boy Scouts of America

The Independence School is proud to have been recently named a Chartered Partner of the Year by the Iron Hill District of the Boy Scouts of America. Following are the remarks from the BSA in making the presentation.

“One of the most important relationships to the perpetuity and success of local Scouting programs is the BSA’s relationship with its many Chartered Partners. Schools, churches, and service clubs agree to sponsor and take ownership of Scouting units, so that our youth can have a stable and supportive environment in which to meet, plan, and conduct the Scouting program to its most impactful extent.

Our mission as an organization would not be possible without the support of these many supportive institutions. For many years, the Independence School has served as the chartered partner and meeting location for Pack and Troop 2, in Newark. Unit leaders and the school leadership have shared a close relationship, with each providing valuable service to the other, including, on the School’s part, a venue for recruitment and regular pack and troop meetings, as well as planning to host the 2020 Iron Hill District Pinewood Derby, before those plans were waylaid by COVID-19 restrictions.

We would like to thank the Independence School, as well as School Board member and COR Jeff Shahan, and Executive Officer Vicky Yatzus for their ongoing support of the Pack, Troop and District.”

Independence receives BSA Award