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Celebrating the Service Milestones of Faculty & Staff

Every year, our exceptional faculty and staff are among the top reasons families decide to send their children to Independence. Their work truly does not go unnoticed. Each fall, we gather to honor those who have reached significant milestones. On Friday, October 8th, we celebrated 13 faculty and staff members who have served the Independence community for 5, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Among those honored were:

5 years - Edwin Lee, Jason Lazar, Judy Petterson, and Donna Sentman

15 years - Candy Julian and Lisa Principe

20 years - Jason Motta, Michelle Robinson, and Josee Faubert-Spence

25 years - Jimmy Jones, Tina Palmer, and Donna Samuels

30 years - Vita Biddle

Congratulations to all. We appreciate all that you do!