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A Great Start for Mathletes!

Our mathletes completed their first of four online Math League competitions for the 2021-2022 school year! The 8th grade has gotten off to a great start beating their opponent (Newark Charter) by a score of 27-25. Kabir led the scoring with 7 out of 8 correct followed by Jai scoring 6 out of 8 correct. Our 6th/7th grade team fell to Cab Calloway by a score of 23-20. It was a solid effort by our 7th grade team and our 6th grade Mathletes experienced their first Math League competition. The 6th/7th grade team had eight Mathletes scoring 4 out of 8 correct: Steven, Kevin, Rishi, Allison, Taeyeon, Evan, Emma and Isabelle. They will look to bounce back next month for their next meet against Saint Mary Magdalen School.  

8th Grade Team

8th Grade Mathletes

6th/7th Grade Team

6th/7th Grade Mathletes