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Community As a Factor in School Selection
Mr. Tim Costello

When parents consider school options, a typical Google search will yield results with schools (especially private schools) showcasing strong academics, outstanding teachers, and impressive facilities. Often absent from the list is something that we at The Independence School consider to be just as important - a caring, connected, mission-focused community. 

Community is an invaluable attribute that has become even more so as parents look for a school environment where their child and the entire family feel connected and cared for. During my opening months as the Head of School at Independence, I have experienced the strength of the school’s community at every turn. From family events and personalized communications to all-school assemblies and Back to School Nights, Indy is modeling in word and deed how the school cares for its members.

The importance of a strong community when selecting a school cannot be overstated. A supportive and vibrant community can have a profound impact on a child's educational experience and overall development. Schools with a strong sense of community, and which are intentionally building relationships among their members, offer a nurturing environment that contributes to a child’s social and emotional development. The school-home connection works in tandem. When teachers and parents engage in positive and productive communication, students ultimately benefit. They receive the academic support that helps them build the foundation and confidence they need for success. Additionally, when teachers and parents take the time to know one another, it becomes easier to recognize and address issues or concerns that may arise.

And, it is not just the students who benefit. As social beings in need of connections, a school community in which parents feel involved and supported is invaluable. The school community becomes a safe place for the exchange of ideas about parenting, education, and child development, and we learn that we are not alone when things become challenging. 

Families who recognize the impact community and culture have on students deeply seek it out. In the end, we want our students to feel safe, valued, and understood, all in an environment where school is an extension of home with a deep sense of belonging.

Tim Costello, Head of School




   Mr. Tim Costello is Head of The Independence School.

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