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students learning at the Great Barn
Mr. Tim Costello

Schools can learn a lot from tangential industries. Granted, schools are not retail establishments, car rental companies, or tech firms. Still, parents buy the product an independent school sells and expect to receive the product they purchased, even though the buyer is not the consumer in this case. The student is the consumer of the product. It is a business with many layers and complexities, where we must demonstrate value in everything we do. 

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students on dock on campus
Dr. Dahra Williams

What we knew before the pandemic was that young people were struggling with mental health issues, particularly anxiety and/or depression. This was a national challenge as rates of depression and anxiety were on the increase, however there was a lack of resources (psychologists, guidance counselors, etc.) to meet this need. Read more for how fostering independence can ease children's anxiety.

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Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences
Ms. Vita Biddle

This time of the year schools invite parents into the building or connect virtually for what is most commonly known as the “Parent-Teacher” conference. While the very thought of sitting with your child’s teacher can bring about anxious feelings, a positive partnership between school and home is essential to a student’s success. Here are a few tips for making the most of your meeting.

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two students washing the Indy van
Dr. Dahra Williams

Entitlement is a phenomenon that has become increasingly prevalent in today's society. So much of our children’s lives are fast-paced with a “here and now” mentality. Children who grow up feeling entitled often believe that they are owed things without having to work for them. This can lead to problems in their adult lives, as entitlement can hinder the ability to develop healthy relationships, succeed in the workplace, and be self-sufficient. Read more for key steps parents can take to avoid raising entitled children. 

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The Benefits of Mindfulness in Schools
Mr. Thomas Brangs

As a teacher of mindfulness at The Independence School, I often wonder how I can enrich the minds of my students and introduce them to the researched benefits of cultivating a mindfulness practice. Simply put, mindfulness is the art of paying attention to what is happening right now, in the present moment. Think of it as a tool for one to use to calm down and focus on what they are doing. Read more about the benefits of mindfulness practice in school.

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Fitting Study into a Busy Middle School Schedule
Ms. Vita Biddle

Bleary-eyed and sleepy, your middle schooler awakens at 6:30 AM. After stumbling through their morning routine, they arrive at school about an hour later. The rest of the day is a cacophony of activity that includes classes, tests, projects, socializing with friends, in-school sports, and often extracurricular activities. With any luck, they are back in bed around 9:30 that night. So how can a busy middle schooler fit studying into this schedule?  

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