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Age 3 through 8th grade

Cross Country

HEAD COACH: Heather Horsey


Oct. 26: Delaware Independent Schools Conference ChampionshipBehind four Top-10 placers in both races, the Patriots swept the boys' and girls' team titles at St. Andrew's.

Marty led the boys with a second-place finish in 12:41.1, followed by Brian in fifth (12:57), Cole in seventh (13:09.5) and Edward in ninth (13:17.2). Louie's 16th-place finish in 14:03.1 rounded out the boys' team score of 39 points, 10 ahead of second-place Wilmington Friends.

On the girls' side, Trisha earned second in 13:51.7, Clare (14:36.9) and Mia (14:37.5) finished back-to-back in sixth and seventh, respectively, and Allison garnered 10th in 15:55.4. Ella completed Independence's team scoring of 36 points with an 11th-place finish in 15:57.2.

This marks the second team title in three years for the Patriot girls and the second in four years for the boys.

Oct. 17: Marty (third, 13:42) and Brian (fifth, 13:47) both earned Top-5 finishes for the Patriot boys at Wilmington Friends, while Trisha (third, 14:42), Clare (sixth, 15:56) and Mia (eighth, 16:20) all placed in the Top 10 for the girls.

Oct. 10: Trisha (third, 15:23), Clare (sixth, 16:09), Molly (ninth, 17:41) and Allison (10th, 17:42) all earned Top-10 finishes for the Patriot girls on their home course. Marty (13:32) took third place for the boys, followed by Brian (13:46) in fifth.

Oct. 4: Trisha (17:26) earned third, followed by Mia (18:38) and Clare (18:54) in fifth and sixth, respectively, to give the Patriots a trio of Top-10 finishers for the girls at Wilmington Christian. On the boys’ side, Marty (15:19) placed fourth, while Brian (15:32) garnered fifth.

Sept. 27: Marty (14:24) and Brian (14:26) placed sixth and seventh, respectively, for the boys, while Trisha (15:54) earned fourth for the girls, followed by Clare in 10th (17:15), to round out the Top-10 finishes for the Patriots at Tatnall.

Sept. 20: The Patriots opened the season at Sanford with a pair of Top-10 finishes from both the boys and girls. Brian (15:11) and Marty (15:12) placed fourth and fifth, respectively, for the boys, while Trisha (16:19) earned fourth for the girls, followed by Clare in ninth (18:13).



Nov. 4: 27th Annual Junior High School Open Championship -
Maria (13:49.50) finished fourth among 88 girls, while Nate (13:41.58) placed 17th out of 122 boys and Niall (13:45.14) followed in 19th. The 2.1-mile race, held on the Winterthur Museum Grounds, was open to all runners in grades 5-8 from the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

Nov. 1: Maria placed first for the girls in 13:23, followed by Natalie in seventh (15:32) and Mia in eighth (15:32) at Wilmington Friends, while Nate (13:42) and Niall (13:44) finished back-to-back in third and fourth, respectively, for the boys.

Oct. 25: Delaware Independent Schools Conference ChampionshipMaria placed first and Natalie garnered 10th for the girls, while Nate (fifth), Niall (sixth) and Mikul (10th) all registered Top-10 finishes for the boys. The Patriots earned second as a team in both races at Tatnall.

Oct. 11: The Patriots featured three Top-10 finishers for both the boys and girls during their lone home meet of the season. Maria placed first for the girls in a time of 12:39, followed by Natalie in sixth and Mia in 10th. On the boys’ side, Nate took sixth, Niall garnered seventh and Marty earned 10th.

Oct. 4: Maria (15:00), Natalie (16:54) and Mia (16:54) all earned Top-10 finishes for the girls in third, fifth and sixth, respectively, while Niall placed eighth for the boys in 14:55 at Wilmington Christian.

Sept. 27: Maria earned a first-place finish for the girls in a time of 14:08 at the Tatnall Invitational, which featured 122 runners from six area schools. Natalie (fifth) and Mia (ninth) also placed in the Top 10 on the girls’ side, while Niall and Marty garnered Top-10 placement for the boys at seventh and eighth, respectively.

Sept. 21: The Patriots opened the season in impressive fashion at Sanford with five Top-10 finishes from the girls and another four from the boys. Maria placed second (15:35) for the girls, followed by Mia in sixth (17:39), Natalie in eighth (17:47), Claire in ninth (18:22) and Jenna in 10th (18:38). Niall paced the boys with a third-place finish in 14:18, while Matt earned fifth (14:42), Marty took sixth (14:44) and Nathan garnered eighth (14:48).


Nov. 5: NCC Junior High Race Sophie (14:07.63) and Maria (14:12.65) both earned a trophy for finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, in the girls’ race at Winterthur, while Nate (14:21.71) medaled with a 24th-place finish in the boys’ race.

Nov. 2: Sophie (13:51) and Maria (13:52) finished 1-2 on the girls’ side and 3-4 overall for the Patriots at Tatnall, while Joanna took sixth for the girls in 16:51. For the boys, Nate placed seventh in 14:45, Chris garnered eighth in 14:46 and Matt earned 10th in 14:53.

Oct. 28: Delaware Independent Schools Conference Championship Behind a 1-2 finish and four Top-10 placers overall, the Patriot girls captured the DISC team title at St. Andrew’s. Sophie (13:46.93) earned first, followed by Maria (13:48.58) in second, Joanna (16:33.67) in seventh and Annamarie (17:15.61) in 10th. The boys placed second as a team, with Nate (14:01.79), Chris (14:18.79) and Matt (14:27.43) taking sixth through eighth, respectively, and Dylan (14:38.84) coming in 10th.

Oct. 19: Maria placed first for the girls at Wilmington Friends in a time of 14:41, while Joanna (17:31) took ninth.

Oct. 6: Sophie (13:07) and Maria (13:48) once again completed an impressive 1-2 finish for the girls, while Jenna (16:18) placed seventh at the Patriots’ lone home meet of the season. For the boys, Kevin (14:09), Matt (14:14) and Nate (14:16) earned eighth through 10th, respectively.

Sept. 28: The Patriots turned in a dominant performance at Tatnall, with Sophie (third overall, 14:02) and Maria (fifth overall, 14:45) placing first and second for the girls, followed by Jenna in fourth (17:45), Joanna in eighth (18:48), Annamarie in ninth (18:53) and Minjie in 10th (18:58). All told, Independence girls combined for six Top-10 finishes.
For the boys, Matt (15:20), Kevin (15:22) and Nate (15:39) earned consecutive finishes at fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

Sept. 22: Sophie earned first place for the girls at Sanford in a time of 13:45, followed by Maria in second (14:12), Jenna in eighth (17:10) and Joanna in 10th (17:42). For the boys, Matt and Nate each finished in 14:03 to earn seventh and eighth, respectively.


Oct. 29: Delaware Independent Schools Conference Championship – Nick (third), Kevin (sixth), Brett (seventh) and Joe (ninth) all placed in the Top 10 to propel the Patriot boys to a DISC team title at Tatnall. Sophie earned first to lift the girls to a second-place team finish, while Emma followed in second and Sonia garnered ninth.

Oct. 22: Sophie topped all girls and finished seventh overall and Nick placed fourth among the boys to anchor the Patriots at Rockford Park. The boys' team took first, while the girls ended in second.

Oct. 15: The Patriots swept at Bellevue State Park, as the boys placed first among four teams with 37 points – 14 ahead of second-place Sanford – and the girls outraced four other opponents, also with 37 points.
Sophie garnered first on the girls’ side with a time of 14:18, followed by additional Top-10 finishes from Emma (sixth, 15:36), Sonia (eighth, 16:17) and Ashley (ninth, 16:39). Nick paced the boys by taking third in 13:17, while Brett (13:39) and Kevin (13:41) finished back-to-back in fifth and sixth, respectively.

Oct. 8: In their lone home meet of the season, the Patriots turned in a dominant performance in front of their fans to sweep. Nick (third place, 13:24), Kevin (fifth, 13:37), Brett (sixth, 13:49) and Joe (ninth, 15:10) all registered Top-10 finishes to propel the boys to 36 points, tops among the four teams and 11 ahead of second-place Westtown (Pa.). Sophie garnered the fastest time on the girls’ side in 14:34, followed by Emma in eighth (15:43) and Sonia in 10th (16:44), as Independence claimed first among five teams with 45 points – nine better than Tatnall.

Oct. 1: Sophie's first-place individual finish helped propel the Patriots to victory with 43 points in the five-team girls' race at rain-soaked Westtown (Pa.). Emma (seventh) and Sonia (ninth) also ended up in the Top 10 on the girls' side, while Nick (third), Brett (seventh), Kevin (eighth) and Joe (10th) all placed in the Top 10 of the four-team boys’ race to help Independence (42 points) take second, just two behind the host squad.

Sept. 24: The Patriots began the 2015 campaign with an impressive showing in a six-team race at Sanford, as the boys placed first with 55 points and the girls earned second with 53 points, a mere two behind Wilmington Friends.
Sophie garnered first overall on the girls’ side with a time of 16:33, followed by Sonia in fourth (17:06) and Emma in sixth (17:35). Nick led the charge for the boys by taking third in 14:47, while Brett (16:23) and Kevin (16:27) rounded out Independence’s Top-10 finishes in seventh and ninth, respectively.


Oct. 21: Delaware Independent Schools Conference Meet - Brendan and Lauren both claimed DISC Championships on the 2.1-mile course at Bellevue State Park, with Brendan taking the boys' race in 11:27 and Lauren conquering the girls' event in 12:45. Nick (fourth, 13:23), Jordan (sixth, 13:57) and Sean (ninth, 14:49) also finished in the Top 10 on the boys' side.

Oct. 16: The Patriots dominated in their lone home meet of the season, placing five runners in the Top 10 of the five-team event: Brendan (first), Lauren (second), Nick (sixth), Jordan (eighth) and Michael (10th).

Oct. 9:
Brendan won the boys' race in 12:00 and Lauren emerged victorious for the girls in 13:33 during a five-team meet at Tatnall. Also for the Patriot boys, Nick finished in fourth (14:13), followed by Jordan in seventh (15:08), Sean in eighth (15:29) and Michael in ninth (15:30).

Oct. 2: The Patriots experienced another impressive performance at a five-team meet hosted by Westtown (Pa.), with Brendan taking first on the two-mile course in 11:17. Dante finished second, followed by Lauren in third overall (and first among females), Nick in eighth and Jordan in 10th.

Sept. 23: The Patriots opened the 2014 season with a strong showing in a five-team race at Sanford, placing six runners in the Top 10. Brendan earned first overall in a time of 11:42, while Lauren was the top female finisher and third overall in 13:25. Dante (second), Jordan (seventh), Sean (ninth) and Nick (10th) also grabbed spots in the Top 10 at the two-mile course.