School should be a place where children have opportunities to learn new skills, discover their passions and find their place in the world. Independence students have the experiences and independence they need to spread their wings and fly. The many reasons why parents and students choose Independence are as diverse as the school community itself. 

Give me Independence



As a parent who has been at Indy for the last 14 years, I will be forever grateful for the role this institution has played in shaping my family. Nothing makes me happier than to see my kids always happy and excited to be heading to school. My eldest daughter continues to maintain the friendships she made while at Indy and my twin boys are thriving in their current grades. Indy has been a blessing to my family, but all of that could not have been possible without the personal commitment to make the institution a better place by the leadership and the fabulous teachers. The affirmation that I made the right choice is when friends and colleagues who meet my kids ask whether they go to private school. The positive and lasting imprint of Indy on the kids' character is an unmistakable badge of honor.

Mr. Sam Nyabiosi


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The Independence Difference

Writing Excellence

There is no comparison. Our proven writing curriculum produces exceptional writers and effective communicators.

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Wellness, Innovation & Learning

Our research-based CWIL™ supports the whole child and provides valuable resources for parents.

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Mastering STEM

Faculty trained in engineering lead an authentic and engaging STEM curriculum.

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Powerful Partnerships

Partnerships beyond our campus bring enriched opportunities for local and global learning experiences.

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Advancing Creativity

Creativity is nurtured, supported and celebrated - from music and art, to movie making and coding.

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Outcomes & Stories

The impressive outcomes of our students prove the value of an Independence education.

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so Why choose an independent school?

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Have you ever wondered why PARENTS CHOOSE a PRIVATE EDUCATION? 

Public and private schools are not the same, and neither is the experience they provide.

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