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Age 3 through 8th grade

Why Independence

The many reasons why parents and students choose Independence are as diverse as the school community itself! Whether the unparalleled academic program, the emphasis on pacing and personalizing student instruction, our unique LeApps curriculum or the joyous and supportive environment, one thought remains consistent: all appreciate the respectful and welcoming school culture. Our exceptional faculty, powerful preparation for high school and a consistent commitment to inspiring independent learners are also reasons why families choose to invest in an Independence education.

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Above all, Independence students have the unique opportunities of both LEARNING TO LEARN and LEARNING TO LEAD.

Read more, and you’ll find out exactly why you should consider choosing Independence…


  • High ExpectationsOur students perform solidly at grade level and frequently above. We expect our students to work hard and give their very best effort, and they consistently rise to our expectations.
  • Foundational Skills Students master skills overlooked at many other schools, such as phonics, grammar, cursive writing and math facts. These skills provide an essential foundation for more advanced work.
  • Open-Ended Challenges Through project-based learning experiences, students solve complex problems, working in teams with limited adult direction. These projects teach research and reasoning, collaboration and commitment, all in an authentic context.
  • Immersion in Technology – From coding instruction in first through eighth grade and a STEM class teaching the Engineering Design Process, to engaging projects in the Innovation Station, our students have exceptional opportunities to become confident, capable users of technology.
  • A Sequential and Spiraling Curriculum – Our program builds thoughtfully from lesson to lesson, year to year, reflecting careful intention and coordination. In many cases, we revisit ideas and skills introduced in past years, each time going deeper.
  • A focus on Learning to Learn – We are committed to teaching study skills, organizational strategies and time management through our sophisticated and in-depth LeApps™ curriculum for grades 1-8.


  • Co-curricular breadth – From the earliest years, the Independence experience includes science, art, music, world languages, technology, library and physical education. While many schools have been forced to make cuts in these areas, we believe in breadth and richness of program.
  • Opportunities to Learn – On the stage and on the playing field, through Indy Robotics and Odyssey of the Mind, our students learn artistic, athletic and technology skills – plus teamwork, leadership, character and commitment.
  • Opportunities to Shine – A range of options in the arts, athletics, clubs and community service means that every student can find a place to fit in and a way to stand out.
  • Athletics for All – With P.E., intramural and interscholastic sports, we offer abundant options for fitness and fun while strongly focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship and skill building.
  • Impressive Participation – Participation in sports, chorus and orchestra is optional, yet nearly every student takes part. This shows a sign of successful programs and eager, involved students.
  • 90 Acres of Fields and Facilities – From playgrounds and playing fields to the instrumental music room and 900-seat Gore Auditorium, we support our programs with facilities rare for a lower or middle school.


  • The Heart of Our Mission – At Independence, inspiring leadership and citizenship is a defining part of our mission and a key reason for the school’s founding.
  • Core Values – We seek to instill a strong core of values in our students, starting with respect, responsibility and integrity.
  • Age-Appropriate Opportunities – Starting with the “Kindness Kids” in Early Childhood, our students learn that they are part of a community and have an important role to play. As they get older, lessons in citizenship advance in sync with their development.
  • Community Connections – Starting in sixth grade, all our students are required to take part in community service, and most go beyond the requirement. Our curriculum and programming connect the school with the world beyond, both locally and globally.
  • Signature Programs – Our Middle School Character Development Program and Lower School I-to-I Conflict Resolution Program are outstanding examples of character education. Both teach relevant skills and substantive ideas.
  • Teachable Moments – Leadership, citizenship and values are a prominent part of our curriculum and also an informal, but essential, part of the way we teach, learn and interact every day.


  • Excellent High School Placement – Our graduates go on to some of the best high schools in the region, as well as to top boarding schools. It’s not unusual for every member of the graduating class to gain admission to his or her first-choice school. Click here to learn about our Secondary School Placement process.
  • Positive Feedback – In response to surveys, a unanimous 100 percent of our graduates report a smooth transition to high school, and 85 percent report receiving a superior preparation at Independence when compared with peers from other schools.
  • Learners and Leaders – Again and again, we find that Independence students go on to shine at the secondary level. They step forward as leaders in their new communities and earn accolades of many kinds.
  • Long-Term Impact – Independence prepares its students for more than high school. Alumni in college tell us that the writing abilities and study skills they honed here still set them apart. Those who have graduated from college (some now Independence parents) affirm that the values we teach last for life.