Inspire. Dream. Achieve.

Age 3 through 8th grade


Investing in the best possible start for your child’s education is invaluable. The critical early years are when students become inspired to learn and motivated to succeed, and important study, social and emotional skills are established. The investment in an Independence education pays off. With a reputation for being well-prepared, Independence graduates are accepted into their top choices for high school, and many receive generous scholarships.

"My Independence education provided a strong foundation for me to build on through high school and in college. My experience gave me an early exposure to the importance of study skills, balancing academics, music and sports while taking care of my health and maintaining relationships with family and friends."
Kerith Wang, Independence Class of 2008, Princeton University class of 2016

Making Independence affordable to those who wish to attend remains an important goal. We are fortunate to be able to provide financial aid for students with demonstrated need through our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). In addition, applicants with at least one parent who serves as a full-time first responder in our community are eligible for the First Responders Community Partnership. The following grade-level merit scholarship is also available: The Legacy Scholarship for Children of Independence Graduates.

Please feel free to contact the Admission Office at 302-239-0332 if you need more information.


Early Childhood I
3 half-days: $6,384
5 half-days: $10,647
5 full-days: $15,614

Early Childhood II
5 half-days: $10,647
5 full-days: $15,614

Kindergarten through Grade 8
Full-Day: $18,460

Technology Fee
Grades 1-4: $200 per student
Grades 5-8: $400 per student

Tuition includes textbooks, most field trips and yearbooks.


Enrollment Fee: An enrollment fee of $1,000 is due with the Enrollment Contract. This fee gets deducted from the first tuition payment but is neither refundable nor transferable once a position has been reserved.

Standard payment schedule: First payment (60 percent of the annual tuition, minus enrollment or re-enrollment fee, plus technology fee) to be paid in full by July 1, 2018. Second payment (40 percent of the annual tuition) to be paid in full by Jan. 1, 2019.

Pre-paid: If the entire year's tuition is paid before July 1, $125 may be deducted from the amount for each full-day student and/or $65 for each half-day, five day/week student.

Payment Plan: A payment plan without interest can be arranged for a small fee. For more information, visit Tuition Management Services at or contact the school Business Office.

Bond Obligation: Families new to Independence are required to purchase an Independence School Membership Bond ($500) within 30 days of signing the Enrollment Contract (one bond per family).