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Tuition & Affordability

Investing in the best possible start for your child’s education is invaluable. The critical early years are when students become inspired to learn and motivated to succeed, and important study, social and emotional skills are established. The investment in an Independence education pays off. With a reputation for being well-prepared, Independence graduates are accepted into their top choices for high school, and many receive generous scholarships.

Our boys have been so happy and are enjoying their teachers and making new friends. Upon picking up our youngest son recently, he got in the car and exclaimed, "I love it here!" Our family is so happy to be part of the Independence community. 

Kate and Scott burris
Parents of Stuart '26 & Elliot '29

2024-25 Tuition Rates

Tuition includes textbooks, student one-to-one technology, field trips (except the three-night 8th grade trip to Boston), yearbooks, Secondary School Placement, middle school athletics, the school’s Center for Wellness, Innovation and Learning (CWIL™), and so much more!

Early Childhood I (age 3) 
3 half days (8:00-11:30AM)

Early Childhood I (age 3) & Early Childhood II (age 4) 
5 half days (8:00-11:30AM)

Early Childhood I (age 3) & Early Childhood II (age 4)
5 full days (8:00-3:00PM)




Grades 1-8 $23,700


Ebook Cover 2022

What Lies Behind the Decision To Pay?

Have you ever wondered why parents choose a private education? Public and private schools are not the same, and neither is the experience they provide. 

Download a copy of our free guide "Why do Parents Choose Private Education" and learn more about the top reasons behind the decision to pay.