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Age 3 through 8th grade

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Our virtual Open Houses offer a great opportunity to hear directly from the school leadership team about your grade levels of interest. Learn about our curriculum, extra-curricular activities and more. 

Middle School Open House will cover 5th through 8th grades. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Middle School Open House on
June 30 at 9 a.m.
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Science Classroom
Student graduation speaker

Middle School (fifth through eighth grades) at Independence is where students integrate foundational learning with an advanced emphasis on critical thinking and internal motivation. Our students are supported as they grow to be self-reliant by managing more -- and varied -- elements of their educational experience, from classwork to homework to extracurricular activities. Students become prepared to achieve at the highest levels of their capabilities and are ready to excel throughout the remainder of their academic career. As students transition to Middle School in fifth grade, they begin to mix with different groupings for different subjects. Beginning in sixth grade, students follow individualized schedules, ensuring that they all are appropriately challenged and supported in each area of the curriculum. A respect for community and cultural diversity is encouraged school-wide.

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