Inspire. Dream. Achieve.

Age 3 through 8th grade

Visual Arts

boy painting in art class

The art program at Independence focuses on individual growth, with strong beliefs in the universalness of making art and that each student possesses unique artistic ability. As a result, students are encouraged to explore and discover through creative expression.

Beginning in Early Childhood II, the elements of art and principles of design are introduced, in addition to the language of art. Students are provided with countless opportunities to create works in a variety of mediums and styles while also evaluating their own artwork and that of their classmates. The students’ confidence in the creative process grows with each passing year in the program, and they begin to develop richer backgrounds and a center of interest in their work.

During the school year, we invite you to take a look to the right at just some of the projects students throughout each grade level have worked on. You can also find this art work proudly displayed in the Fasick Gallery, as well as hallways, offices and classrooms throughout the school.