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Age 3 through 8th grade

Technology & Media Literacy

In this age of dynamic change, technology and media literacy have become integral to all learning. Skills in this area are taught together in the Founders’ Library, where knowledge, students and technology are joined for learning across the spectrum. During Technology & Media Literacy class, students learn about various genres of books, how to locate material and how to find sources of information. Additionally, they learn to evaluate sources of information. In short, they build research and information fluency.

Students develop technology skills, including coding, keyboarding, responsible use of technology, digital media creation and much more. Wherever possible, the utilization and application of these skills are integrated with other curriculum content. Students are both consuming and creating content, sometimes alone and sometimes in collaborative groups.

Digital Citizenship lessons explore several themes that spiral through each grade and within various classes, including internet safety; privacy and security; communication and relationships; cyberbullying; digital footprints and self-image; and credit and copywriting.

Beginning in first grade, students are also exposed to a fluid computer coding and programming curriculum, which strengthens problem-solving abilities and activates logic centers in the brain. Students become creators – and not just consumers – of technology.

Additional areas of focus include but are not limited to the following:

1st-4th grade
  • Access to iPads and Chromebooks in each classroom
  • Touch typing skills (starting at the end of grade 2)
  • Basic computer and web navigation
  • Through varied projects and techniques, students learn how to use productivity tools to create, communicate and collaborate.
5th-8TH grade
  • “Bring Your Own Device” program
  • Through varied projects related to multiple subjects, students use technology tools for inquiry, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, and communicating.
  • Video creation and editing
  • Touch typing skills
  • Digital Citizenship and Cyber Security
  • Robotics
  • JavaScript (an eighth-grade elective)