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Age 3 through 8th grade

Middle School

girls in middle school walking

Middle School (fifth through eighth grade) at Independence is where students integrate foundational learning with an advanced emphasis on critical thinking and internal motivation. Our students are supported as they grow to be self-reliant by managing more -- and varied -- elements of their educational experience, from classwork to homework to extracurricular activities. Students become prepared to achieve at the highest levels of their capabilities and are ready to excel throughout the remainder of their academic career.

As students transition to Middle School in fifth grade, they begin to mix with different groupings for different subjects. Beginning in sixth grade, students follow individualized schedules, ensuring that they all are appropriately challenged and supported in each area of the curriculum. A respect for community and cultural diversity is encouraged school-wide. Through our unique Character Development Program (CDP), students build their foundations to be citizens and leaders.


Fifth grade is an important developmental period that bridges the gap between Lower School and Middle School. As students move beyond the homeroom base, they begin to experience more transitions and gain greater self-reliance. For certain academic lessons in language arts and math, students are placed with classmates of similar abilities and pacing in order to provide an appropriate level of challenge.

Our innovative LeApps™ curriculum utilizes current brain research to help students understand how learning actually happens. They are presented with strategies that work best for them as individuals, depending on the content they are studying, and are given extensive opportunities to put these strategies into practice. Organizational skills are strengthened, as well as an understanding of the roles each individual may play in a collaborative learning environment.

In preparation for a full course of world language study in grades 6-8, fifth graders have survey courses in Latin and French, adding to the Spanish they've learned from kindergarten through fourth grade. STEM comes into greater focus with dedicated class time and use of the Innovation Station for integrating science, technology, engineering and math.


  • Literature/English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • LeApps™
  • STEM

Student Government Association, Intramural sports, Science Olympiad, FIRST LEGO League, Quiz Bowl, after-school art.


Students in sixth through eighth grade become increasingly responsible and move more independently throughout their day. Opportunities to collaborate are many, and students enjoy a wide variety of engaging learning experiences. A combination of instructional approaches continues throughout Middle School, providing significant opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills to improve.

A robust English curriculum offers invaluable preparation for high school and college writing. Leveled mathematics instruction enables students of varying capabilities to continue at a pace best suited for them, with Independence students regularly shining in regional and state math competitions. World language becomes a daily subject of study, and hands-on laboratory sciences mix inquiry with content in relevant experiences. The social studies curriculum supports the mission of graduating strong local and global citizens, as does our emphasis on leadership and character. Eighth graders showcase their abilities with a Capstone Project that utilizes their research, public speaking and communication skills.


6th Grade

  • English (Composition/Literature/Grammar/Vocabulary)
  • Social Studies (World Geography)
  • Earth Science
  • Advanced Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra Course I
  • World Language (French or Spanish or Latin)

7th Grade

  • English (Composition/Literature/Grammar/Vocabulary)
  • Social Studies (U.S. History I)
  • Life Science
  • Honors Algebra I or Advanced Pre-Algebra/Algebra I or Pre-Algebra Course II
  • World Language (French or Spanish or Latin or an online Mandarin course through a partnership with Laurel Springs School)

8th Grade

  • English (Composition/Literature/Grammar/Vocabulary)
  • Social Studies (U.S. History II)
  • Physical Science
  • Intro to Geometry or Advanced Algebra I or Algebra I
  • World Language (French or Spanish or Latin or an online Mandarin course through a partnership with Laurel Springs School)


Intramural sports (sixth), Interscholastic sports (seventh and eighth), Student Ambassadors, Student Government Association, Science Olympiad, Math League, Math Counts, FIRST LEGO League, Quiz Bowl, drama, after-school art.