Early Childhood

The littlest learners thrive within our Early Childhood program. Whether in preschool (age 3) or pre-K (age 4), these naturally curious children are attuned to all the wonders of the world that they encounter. During these formative years, students are given ample time to explore their surroundings, discover, and build meaning through play, resulting in them becoming inspired to delight in the learning process itself.

Each child enters our nurturing Early Childhood environment with a different set of talents and strengths. Our experienced, dedicated teachers and their classroom aides masterfully bring learning alive by creating a setting that encourages children to generate new ideas, show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity in a variety of ways.

Utilizing the best practices in Early Childhood education, including a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to preschool, students are able to establish a foundation for success in their next level of development and learning. By the end of ECII (pre-K), students are fully prepared to embrace the transition to kindergarten. They are curious, capable and brimming with confidence. They can't wait for the next phase of their learning adventure to begin.

student building toy