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Middle School Curriculum

Fifth grade is an important developmental period that bridges the gap between Lower School and Middle School. Students begin to experience more transitions and gain greater self-reliance. For certain academic subjects, students are placed with classmates of similar abilities and pacing in order to provide a more personalized level of challenge.  The fifth grade experience features a year-long LeApps™ course, Independence's own research-based curriculum to help students understand the brain  and how learning actually happens. They are presented with different learning and study strategies and are given extensive opportunities to put these strategies into practice. Fifth graders select a world language to study (French, Latin or Spanish), which is a full course through eighth grade. STEM comes into greater focus with dedicated time for integrating science, technology, engineering and math.

Students in sixth through eighth grade become increasingly responsible and move more independently throughout their day. A combination of instructional approaches continues throughout Middle School, providing significant opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills to improve. A robust English curriculum offers invaluable preparation for high school and college writing. Leveled mathematics instruction enables students of varying capabilities to continue at a pace best suited for them, with Independence students regularly shining in regional and state math competitions. Hands-on laboratory sciences mix inquiry with content in relevant experiences including the extensive use of our campus wetlands and waterways. The social studies curriculum supports the mission of graduating strong local and global citizens, as does our emphasis on leadership and character. Eighth graders showcase their abilities with a Capstone Project that utilizes their research, public speaking and communication skills.