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Lower School Curriculum

Kindergarten: The kindergarten environment is designed to foster learning and creativity through a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences and the recognition that "play" remains important. As the transition point into the primary grades, classrooms are language-rich and utilize blended-learning tools to support students as they transform into readers and writers. At the same time, the children are immersed in activities that develop number sense and foundational math concepts. Small group instruction, where groups are fluid and ever changing, is one method used to facilitate the individual and collective growth and needs of the students. Each classroom has an instructional aide who partners with the teacher to ensure the presence of individualized attention.

First - Fourth Grade: Our sequential curriculum is rich and engaging, inspiring a love for learning during the important elementary years. Children learn through a range of methods, including flexible small-group instruction, blended learning, direct instruction, collaborative learning and project-based learning (PBL). Each year, as children grow and develop, they are given an increasing amount of age-appropriate independence and academic expectations, building a solid foundation for the upcoming transition to Middle School. Learning opportunities such as the Mammal Zoo (first grade), Patriotic Program (third grade) and Economic & Entrepreneurial Education (E3) (fourth grade) are just a few examples of how lessons come alive in meaningful and joyful ways.