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What We Teach

Academic excellence stands first and foremost among the characteristics of an Independence education. In collaboration with our passionate, experienced faculty, our students become inspired to think for themselves and believe in their abilities. The sequential and spiraling curriculum provides a depth of knowledge across the core academic subject areas. Students remain engaged, motivated and challenged as they are placed with peers who are working at a similar level and pace in particular subject areas. Perhaps what sets Independence apart, however, is found beyond the course list. 

There are certain skills we know to be particularly important for later success. We focus very intentionally on building those skills so that our alumni achieve excellence in high school and beyond.

Amy Graham
Head of Middle School

Our Academic Programs

Early Childhood

The littlest learners, in preschool through kindergarten, thrive within The Independence School's Early Childhood program. During these formative years, students are given ample time to explore their surroundings and build meaning through play, resulting in them becoming inspired to delight in the learning process itself.

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Lower School

As students grow during the Lower School years of first through fourth grade, they are transformed from a little learner to a full-fledged student of the world, even if a youthful one. Throughout Lower School, students become prepared to realize their dreams with a program that combines an excellent academic foundation, creative expression and self-management. 

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Middle School

Middle School (fifth through eighth grade) at Independence is where students integrate foundational learning with an advanced emphasis on critical thinking and internal motivation. Students become prepared to achieve at the highest levels of their capabilities and are ready to excel throughout the remainder of their academic career.

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What Lies Behind the Decision To Pay?

Have you ever wondered why parents choose a private education? Public and private schools are not the same, and neither is the experience they provide. 

Download a copy of our free guide "Why do Parents Choose Private Education" and learn more about the top reasons behind the decision to pay.