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Powerful Partnerships

Through partnerships past and present, our curriculum and programs connect students with the world beyond our campus – locally and globally. Partnerships enhance The Independence School experience and expand learning opportunities for our students. 

Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Water Research Center

Working with Stroud Water Research Center allows students to be citizen scientists, monitoring the water on our campus and assessing environmental impacts to the watershed. 

University of Delaware

University of Delaware

Collaborating with the University of Delaware provides extensive opportunities for faculty development, curriculum enhancements, research partnerships, and hands on opportunities for students in STEM, brain science and more. 

The Funk Outdoor Classroom

Nature Explore

Creating with Nature Explore establishes a foundation for an impactful outdoor classroom.

Beau Biden Foundation

Beau Biden Foundation

Joining with the Beau Biden Foundation for training and review of school policies helps ensure student safety.

Educational Tours

ACIS Educational Tours

Traveling with ACIS Educational Tours helps students become empathetic, global citizens. 

Independence Conservation Area

Red Tail Restoration

Working with Red Tail Restoration helps us to manage invasive species on our campus inside the conservation area, fostering the growth of native plants.

By partnering with Stroud, which does research in fresh water ecology, it gives children an opportunity to study the whole watershed. It's where they get to experience how the chemistry of the creek impacts what’s living in the creek and how what’s living in the creek affects the geography of the creek. 
Rachel Wood
Science Educator