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Independence provides students the foundation to develop the essential skills and confidence for future success and happiness in school, at work, and as members of a global community.

Early Childhood

Ages 3 and 4

These young learners are naturally curious and attuned to the wonders of the world around them. They explore their surroundings, discover friendships, and are inspired through play.

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Lower School

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Growing continues as students are transformed from little learners to full-fledged students. They are willing and able to apply themselves as they understand that they hold the keys to their accomplishing their dreams.

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Middle School

Grades 5 - 8

Students integrate foundational learning with an emphasis on critical thinking and internal motivation. They become prepared to achieve at the highest levels of their capabilities and are ready to excel in school and in life.

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Inspired Learners.

Confident Leaders.

The Great Outdoors at Independence

The school’s interest in outdoor learning is not new. In fact, Independence committed to the idea of exploring outdoor opportunities in its 2011 Strategic Plan. “We realized we have all this land and began asking why we weren’t doing more with it,” explains Head of School Vicky Yatzus. “You can have a treasure at your doorstep and miss its potential.”

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Outdoor Learning Days Debut

With the completion of the Funk Outdoor Classroom and new opportunities for learning outdoors, Lower School Head Christy Koense developed a pilot program for full days of outdoor learning. During the spring, every grade in Lower School from Early Childhood through 4th grade experienced an entire school day held outside!

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Mathlete at work

There is a difference between learning and learning with understanding, especially when it comes to math. If math understanding is limited in scope to a certain circumstance and cannot be applied or utilized outside of that, then it has little merit.

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Indy Robotics Teams Compete in Tournament at Lums Pond

In an era of unusual circumstances and lots of uncertainty, two Independence Indy Robotics Teams were able to compete this year in the First Lego League Challenge Tournament at Lums Pond this past weekend. Led by coaches Mr. Jaisi, Mrs. Cohen, Dr. Xie, and Dr. Singh-Patel, the teams created solutions to the growing problems of transportation. Both of these teams received awards for their work! Read more for details. 

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Social Emotional Learning Curriculum at Indy

The topic of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is not new, but over the past 5-10 years, it has been gaining strong traction in education due to increasing evidence that SEL is a critical aspect of learning and connection with others. The Independence School has adopted a PreK through 8th-grade SEL program called Second Step with lessons around empathy, managing emotions, problem solving, valuing friendships, managing relationships and social conflict, and more. 

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Independence vs. Collaboration

As educators, we often talk about the importance of intentionally developing our students to be independent learners and independent thinkers. Even with the youngest preschool children, we focus daily on working to help them grow their abilities to be independent. But, is this focus on independence in direct opposition with one of the most important 21st-century skills – collaboration?

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Rosetta Lee

Rosetta Lee, an educator and diversity speaker, was our guest for a virtual session with students in grades 4 through 8. Independence engaged Rosetta to conduct her session, titled "No Joke Zones," in response to data from the AIM Survey and various additional sources. Facilitated by Rosetta, the presentation and conversations focused on teasing, joking, and other behaviors that can be hurtful to others.

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Student Government Officers

Middle School is difficult, and no adult I have ever known has admitted to wanting to repeat it. I don’t mean the academics. I mean that feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin, hide under your bed, and wait for this awkward and terrifying stage of life to pass without anyone noticing you.  How can we make school more comfortable during these difficult transition years?

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Four Students Honored with Athletic Awards

At our recent Middle School Awards Assembly, Athletic Directors, Mrs. Horsey and Mr. Motta, presented awards to the 2022 Athletes of the Year, Claudia and Tiernan. Also presented were the William Braune Athletic Scholarship Awards to Sophie and George, honoring a boy and a girl in seventh grade who demonstrate a love of sports and the encouragement of others while not seeking “star status.” 

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Boy speaking

The ability to communicate effectively and clearly sits high on the list of important skills for any successful adult. Therefore, public speaking is considered a fundamental skill. Beginning in kindergarten, students will experience speaking and listening opportunities daily and will be successful with both.

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Signature programs are at the heart of the Independence experience. These research-based initiatives and learning opportunities underscore and support the exceptional outcomes for Independence students.

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Class of 2022

Laura has attended Independence since she was 4 years old and has taken advantage of every possible opportunity to be involved

I am a



Class of 2024

Darren has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember. At Independence he is a team player

I am an



Class of 2029

It's not every day that you get to paint on an easel outside. As a budding artist, Cynthia loves painting anywhere, especially in our Funk Outdoor Classroom

I am an



Class of 2026

A passion for writing emerged very early on in Stuart as his favorite area of writing is science fiction

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Class of 2023

Science looks different at Independence because of our expansive campus with a creek and pond for students’ exploration and study. Marlise loves putting on waders to see what she might discover in the creek

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Class of 2024

Both a saxophone and clarinet player, and a member of the choir, one of Sonia's favorite places on campus is the music wing

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