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Connecting with strangers in a digital world
Mr. Jonas Raab

As a technology instructor in an elementary and middle school setting, among the many topics I encounter when meeting with parents is social media and online safety.

“How much freedom should I give my child? How closely should I monitor my child’s social media account(s)?”

As with many other things, there is no “right answer” that applies to all children in all situations, particularly given the broad range of social and emotional readiness we see in students of these age groups.

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What a difference 100 days can make!
Mrs. Christy Koense

Celebrating the first 100 days of school in some form is a tradition at many elementary schools. At Independence, a favorite tradition had been for first-grade students and teachers to dress as 100-year-old people. I think the sale of baby powder went up each February as we all worked to make our hair look a little greyer! Math, writing, and reading activities focused on the number 100 took over the classes as the students developed their number sense and other skills. It was a day to be remembered.

Fast forward to 2017, and it is still a magical time.

  • 100 Days of School
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Living in a Project-Based World
Mrs. Bernadette Gilmore

Anyone who has ever been to school in the past 50 years already knows what is meant by a school project.

  • Project-Based Learning
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Happy New Year!
Mrs. Vicky Yatzus

As we returned to school on Jan. 3, I wondered how many of our students had made resolutions for the new year. While on our break, I read an article discussing the difficulty we often face achieving our resolutions, as we have a tendency to make ones that are unattainable. Rather, we should take each day as a new beginning, resolve to improve small things, and slowly, we will meet with greater success.

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Reflections of a Report Card
Ms. Vita Biddle

Just as the holiday season is a time for reflection, so is the end of the first trimester. Report card time is a time to reflect on your child's progress at this point in the school year. As a teacher, it is difficult to qualify progress; therefore, we must quantify it by assigning it, in most cases, a numeric equivalent. As a parent, it may be challenging to make sense of how these numbers translate to true "progress" in relation to your child. It is, therefore, important to realize that progress is represented by so much more than a numeric or letter grade.

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